This page is meant for Beth Holloway.

In 2005 when your daughter Natalee was missing, I saw you during an interview say you knew those young men knew more about her disappearance. You basically said you thought they were lying and knew more than they were revealing.

I saw you and could feel your pain.
I got up and wrote you this song.
I played it for a couple of friends and they said it would be a bad idea to let you hear this song.
They thought it was inappropriate and it hurt my feelings because I saw your pain.

In 2007 I did a gig in Birmingham and tried to find you in Middlebrook with no results.
In October 2019 I was trying to record some of my 130 songs and I recorded your song with 5 others just to get it out of my head.

Then I saw your compassion for the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard.

Here is your song.

Sorry for Your Loss.